You have within you the power to unfold and develop into higher levels of greatness. There is no limitation whatsoever to your greatness except the limits you place on your inspiration, intuition and revelation.

People today are so desperately in need of greater confidence and faith in themselves. What would your life look like if you believed in yourself more? What if you really trusted your abilities to manifest and create?

Successful people definitely take risks. But the risks don’t seem so large to them because they know what they are capable of. They’ve proven it to themselves and they’ve built up faith in their abilities.

At a seminar in Orlando back in 2006, I happened to sit next to Rich Schefren, one of the sharpest internet marketers in the world. I asked Rich how he became friends with two other well-known marketers also attending the seminar. Rich shared with me his story based on a success principle that all of us can benefit from.

He overheard the two multi-millionaires say that they were going to play a few rounds of golf the next morning. Now, most people wouldn’t even consider inviting themselves to a game of golf with two millionaires when they didn’t even know how to play. Rich doesn’t know how to play golf but he isn’t like most people. He knows what he wants and he’s confident enough to go after it.

And Rich wanted to become friends with these two people. So guess where Rich was at the crack of dawn the next morning? He was beside the two multi-millionaire internet marketers, smoking a cigar and telling stories. And he never swung a single golf club all day.

After telling me this great story, Rich turned to me and said, “when I was starting out, I became involved in some very lucrative joint ventures even though I probably shouldn’t have been since I was so new to the scene. The secret of my success? Confidence! People felt how confident I was in myself and they just had to do business with me.”

Confidence and faith in your creative ability can open many doors for you, just like it did for Rich.

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