United hands. Conceptual symbolI love to study the successes (and failures) of others – to learn everything I can about “creating the life you want.”

Any time we can filter out a success principle in action without actually having to go through the process of trial and error in our own lives, is time well invested.

Today in particular, let’s look at the concept of “space.”

How you relate with “space” impacts the kind of success you have.

Creating Harmonious Surroundings

Have you heard of the term ‘Feng Shui?’ It’s the Chinese art or practice of creating harmonious surroundings; surroundings that enhance the balance of yin and yang (female and male energy), as in arranging furniture or determining the siting of a house. It’s been practiced for thousands of years…

I’m NOT a feng shui expert in the formal sense. I’m just using it as an example here to lead into MORE examples so we can dig DEEPER into the significance of “space” in your life. See what you think of these:

* A woman says to her boyfriend, “honey, I love you but I think we need to have some more space in the relationship for a while.”

* A mother reads a for sale sign in the supermarket, tosses the can of fruit below it into her basket and heads for checkout…only to find that the can isn’t on sale after all..it was the brand ABOVE the sign that was on sale.

* After 5 years of loyal work, a man walks into his boss’es office and puts down onto the executive desk his resignation letter…along with a few choice words about how he was treated.

* Another man down the hall is telling his coworker how sexy she looks in that dress of hers. She’s feeling uncomfortable but says nothing because she needs this job to pay her rent which is overdue.

* A son works his entire life trying to please his father who always finds fault in the moment…and the son misses out on living his own life.

I invite you to consider YOUR life as one great big “room” and the examples I just gave are some of the furniture that may be in that room.

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Why do I say, “You Don’t Have to Be an Astronaut to Find Success?”

Because your relationship with space and energy isn’t something you “journey or go to.” It’s right in front of you and all around you every moment.

Sometimes you may feel the “space” between where you are and where you want to be is just HUGE. Being a male, before I’d cope with uncertainty by attacking the person who wasn’t giving me what I wanted.

You see, I was trying to close the gap or ‘space’ between myself and my desire. It never works out doing it this way though.

Why not?

Because disharmony with another person, even if you stay physically away from them, actually BINDS you to them energetically.

On the practical side, if a stranger tries to steal a mother’s child, you better BELIEVE she is going to fight them off with the strength of five men.

I’m not talking about stuff like that. I’m saying that your life is a great orchestral piece and you are the most amazing conductor that has ever taken center stage.

What I’m about to share with you will help you to experience it yourself…

*The 3-Step Formula for Relating with Space that Guarantees Success*

Here is a 3-Step Formula for Relating with Space in a way that is guaranteed to bring you the most direct success possible at any given time:

STEP 1: Always ask yourself: How can I create the most harmony in this situation?

STEP 2: See people as being greater than they see themselves. This isn’t greater in the sense of ego or greater than you. Just see the best in people.

If you don’t, and they don’t, it will be harder for them to bring it out in themselves.

If you DO, and they don’t see their own potential, you’re allowing them the opportunity to exist outside of a box or labelling and they just may surprise you for it.

STEP 3: Stop worrying about why you don’t have more success. Start focusing on all the success you DO have. Be grateful for what you have and for what you are about to have. This is a powerful step so don’t skip it! And practice it often. By doing so, you will almost magically dissolve the space between you and the harmony/success that you know you can experience.

The above three steps are what some people practice and still experience failure. Why? Because we’re living in a PHYSICAL world. Most people forget the last and most important element that turns this 3-Step Formula for Success into a golden key to accessing whatever you want in life. What is this last element?


Incorporate action into these steps as you practice them and watch the impossible become reality. If you are grateful for your mail each day, then take time to thank the mailman (or woman) for delivering it!

You Don’t Have to Be an Astronaut to Find Success. Just practice what I’ve shared here and success will find YOU!

Have a Powerful Day,

Keith Matthew

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