I DIDN’T KNOW IT back then but I was very blessed to get the sales training I did when I was only 21 years old.

Sometimes I’d hear other “sales people” saying, “oh, it’s just a numbers game.”

Intuitively I knew that was only partly true – but I kept quiet and went about my business.

Before long, I became the owner’s right hand person…his protege.

We also became good friends.

I had to move on though – I was young and I had many more experiences I needed to have. In retrospect I now see that I was in training to one day become an entrepreneur and have my own thriving business.

I can’t say I was the quickest learn – it wasn’t until my early 30s that I finally started putting it all together. But then this article isn’t about who’s the quickest anyway.

It’s about WHY success forces converge upon you…or don’t.

Many years after my initial sales training, I traded S&P 500 options in the stock market. It was during the dot com boom where money was flying every which way. I had natural abilities in this area – problem is none of them were getting me the results I expected. I was certain my technical analysis was spot on – and yet I kept having bad trades!

Any idea why? I’ll give you a hint: I was trading during times of “irrational exuberance.”

Everything Has a Time and Place

You see, everything has a “time and place”. Charting and fundamental analysis went out the window for the time being.

I adjusted and managed to finish my 2000-2001 trades with some decent profits.

I still had to learn this lesson in another way, though. I had to really “get it” to set up for my future successes.

One night, I found myself lucid dreaming. I was participating in a group discussion about a spiritual topic. A question was asked and so I quickly raised my hand to share my thoughts . To my surprise, the group facilitator instead of praising my contribution, came over to me and explained that I should hold that comment for later on in the class.

Why am I telling you this?

Because everything has a rhythm of unfoldment…career, relationship, wealth-building. Success forces will converge upon you when you are ready for them.

I can’t tell you how many times someone reads one of my emails and writes or calls me to say, “Hey, I can totally relate with what you’re saying. It’s like your email came at just the right time.”

Same thing with my mentoring program. Someone won’t read my emails for MONTHS and then the day they read it is the day I’m talking about how I teach people my business model for creating a 6-figure income from home.

And it just happens to be the day they’re also ready to take ACTION and start growing their income!

Success Forces will converge upon you when time and place meet. Or another way of saying it is “when you’re good and ready.”

Master in Command

Only YOU can decide when you’re good and ready. No one else.

That’s why sales is not just a numbers game and that’s why my bond with clients is so strong. Because I let success forces converge upon us both in a way that time and place stay aligned.

You may even be thinking to yourself, “That’s funny, I was just thinking about that.” Or, “I’ve been considering getting mentored. What a coincidence to read your email today!”

Anyhow, I’d love to hear what YOU think. Do ‘Success Forces’ converge upon YOU or do you feel that they elude you? Do you find yourself in the right place at the right time a lot?

Keith Matthew
Self Mastery Secrets

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