“He can’t make it Thursday to do a talk on ‘Think and Grow Rich’. We think it’s a good fit for you. Would you want to do it?”

Caught by surprise, I started to think it over while I gathered some info.

To give some perspective, Andrew Carnegie had offered Napoleon Hill the opportunity to interview America’s wealthiest people for the purpose of creating a success system, he secretly held a stopwatch in his pocket and gave young Napoleon no more than 60 seconds to decide.

Napoleon Hill came back with a resounding “yes” 32 seconds later and the rest is history.

Having had listened to Napoleon Hill’s recorded talks countless times, I knew the importance of being decisive.

I checked my calendar, checked my gut (always do) and came back with a resounding “yes”. Maybe not in 32 seconds but pretty quickly considering I didn’t even have a talk on Think and Grow Rich that I could give!

Those who know me know that I invest part of my time teaching clients and students to recognize opportunity where they normally may not have.

But this article isn’t about that. It’s about about what you DO when opportunity knocks.

Do you answer?

Or do you turn off the lights and pretend no one’s home?

I’d thought about saying “no thanks” to the talk because I knew saying yes would mean having to craft a brand new presentation, coordinating my roundtrip travel to New York, getting a place to stay and putting together a sales presenation for the end of the talk.

Not to mention the reality that for two days I’d be away from my business and not building it the way I’d planned.

But Keith, so then why the heck did you say ‘yes?’

Because “no” doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for new possibilities.

“No” pretty much puts an end to the conversation and you never get to find out where it would have led to.

I don’t mind using myself here as a live case study for you. In fact, it’s my pleasure if it ends up helping you in some way.

Success stories don’t happen all at once….they unfold over a series of events and choices. You don’t have to know all the details of how you’re going to get where you want to get to.

You just need to know how to say yes when opportunity knocks.

I knew there was a chance I’d stumble a bit during the talk because it was my first time doing it. My biggest concern was that I’d run out of content and not fill the full 2 1/2 hours because I hadn’t a chance to time myself before the event.

The great thing about answering the door when opportunity knocks is that you put yourself ‘in motion’ and end up growing while your “fanny” is in the fire. There isn’t much time to worry or be fearful when necessity keeps you in the moment.

I ended up taking on two new clients as a result of the talk (which at least covered my expenses from the trip) and now I have two more people I can help create better outcomes for themselves.

Answering the door when opportunity knocked has now pushed me into building out the infrastructure of my business (mastermind groups, a new mentoring program etc).

Undoubtedly this is going to lead to more knocks on the door and more wealth-building opportunities for both myself and my newsletter subscribers.

In fact, the day after I’d answered the door and said yes to speaking on the topic ‘Think and Grow Rich’, I was contacted and asked to coauthor a book on a similar topic.

An hour BEFORE the talk, I swung by my friend’s office in Manhattan and asked him about his recent trip to China. What came out of my 50-minute visit with him? Now we’ll be having regular mastermind sessions together along with other high-powered people (This friend recently pre-sold his next seminar and pulled in $200,000 – just to give you an idea of the company I keep).

Answer the door when opportunity knocks and great things will happen.

Normally I recommend you DO NOT talk too much about your successes when a cycle isn’t yet completed (ie, the experience isn’t finished yet) because it can compromise the outcome. That’s because you invite the energies of other people into your sphere and they can negatively impact your success vibration.

I’m ok with sharing this one with you though. Even if everything I’ve mentioned changes before you read this, I know practicing putting this success principle of “answering the door when opportunity knocks” into action in your life will always produce great things. So if everything changes, I’m certain it will change into something just as miraculous (maybe even better!).

Since this article is a live case study, it really has no ending…just a pause.

Practice answering the door and saying yes to opportunity – keep the conversation going and see where it leads you.

Then write me at keith@selfmasterysecrets.com and let me know how it turns out!

Keith Matthew