Dear Future Success Champion,

I have a quick message for you that is going to help you go from hoping you were more successful to BEING more successful.

So here it is:

I’ve no doubt that, along the way, you’ve ‘dropped the ball’ so to speak. Probably many times.

I know I have. In fact it happened today. I had an important meeting to be at and, because of a difficult night (won’t waste your time with the drama details), I missed the beginning part of the meeting.

Was I NOT happy about that!!!

Here’s the thing though: we are ALL going to ‘drop the ball’ numerous times along the way to reaching our goals in life…

…along the way to realizing the potential of who we really are.

It’s going to happen! The sooner you recognize and accept that, the sooner you will start seeing greater results in all that you do.


But recognition isn’t what creates the greater results. It’s committing to picking UP the ball that you dropped and continue running with it.

Dropped it again? Pick it up again and ‘keep on keeping on!’

Some people are afraid to even CARRY the ball toward a better lifestyle for fear of looking bad or how others will think of them.

Successful people don’t dwell in that place. So if you go there and hang out, I’m sure you’ll be hanging out with the wrong people.

So that’s the message I have for you: don’t worry about dropping the ball on your way to success. Just make sure you pick it back up and I’m certain you will find the results you’re looking for.

Accelerating Your Success,

Keith Matthew

P.S. – I had a great time this weekend at my friend’s Wealth Building Seminar.

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