Golden section (ratio, divine proportion) and golden spiralI’m about to share with you ‘the Secret’. In my experience, this is the key to living a more fulfilling life.

Truth reveals itself in a multitude of ways. There are as many ways as there are people.

Truth can even attach itself to the end of a dollar bill. It doesn’t discriminate.

In only twenty-five days, I had just made what would have amounted to half of my entire annual salary back when I worked for other people.

And there were still 5 more days left in the month!

Great stuff. Follow me here, though…because I’m about to take you on a quick turn around a corner and I don’t want you to go flying out the passenger seat door!

Now, one thing you want to do when things are “rolling” and you have momentum is this: keep pressing forward.

For years I’ve moved amongst and shared the company of multi-millionaires. This idea of pressing forward is the success principle they have taught me and it obviously works because the results speak for themselves.

It’s one of the reasons why my income flowed so quickly those 25 days.

So I was ready to do that…to keep pressing forward. I said to myself, “let’s shatter the company’s best month record.”

It was definitely within reach.

That is, until something unexpected happened.

Having practiced “listening inwardly” for many years, I’m pretty good at knowing when there is a green “go ahead” light and when there’s a red “stop right there” light.

I was getting a “stop right there” signal.

So I did…and I disappeared.

“Keith, you had momentum and you just ‘disappeared?’ What gives?”

Well, here’s the thing: I’ve learned how to “synchronize” or align myself with life.

Now, think for a moment about what I just said. If you’re learning how to align with life, then you must have had some practice being OUT of alignment with life!

I definitely have…we all have. You can’t get “out of life” – but you can get out of harmony with life.

And I’ve learned over the past 19 years that it’s a much smoother ride if I make it a point to stay IN harmony with life instead of opposing it.

IN harmony doesn’t imply that you have to accept and keep everything that comes your way. Many people are spiritually young and still learning about how natural laws operate in their daily lives. By the way, that’s code for, “some people will use you as a doormat and walk all over you if you let them.”

IN harmony isn’t about that. It’s about discerning which attitudes, choices and experiences will foster or perpetuate your harmonic relationship with life itself.

So while I strive to create wealth for myself and my future family, I am also ready to “shift” my focus whenever that becomes what I need to do to stay synchronized with life and connected to my real self.

I’ve disappeared for about a week now.

I’m still teaching my Wealth Mastery students. I’ve hibernated for days though, watching an 18-video training series and doing some very targeted research on the internet.

I immersed myself in my moment – a moment that has stretched out from one day to the next, and to the next.

Very little money has come in during this time because I haven’t been marketing my business.

It’s ok, though – I am exactly where I needed to be…doing exactly what I need to be doing.

You see, there is ALWAYS going to be a next dollar to be made, another latest movie to see and another immediate crisis or fire to put out.

However, high above the noise, in the quiet abode of your own real self, is the space where important “shifts” and recognitions occur.

It is within this ‘time out’, or getting temporarily off your own wheel, that your success process speeds up.

This sounds exciting but is it real? Or am I simply being poetic?

It’s real.

In fact, while I was researching, I received an email from someone teaching the same information I was looking for!

Coincidence…or Synchronicity?

Then I went and researched that person’s product and ended up finding a series of 7 video lessons discussing the very same observations I had scratched into my “Strategic Notebook” only hours earlier while thinking about how best to shape my business model.

Exciting? Yes! New to me? No…this is how I live my life. Good things flow to me (wealth, opportunity, relationships) simply because I am committed to the harmony of what I can become – which is really what I have always been and I am now simply accepting…claiming as true.

If you’re reading this and wondering, “Hey, how come I don’t have that experience?” try instead asking yourself, “Hey, how DO I have that kind of experience already?” The more you look for it (instead of chasing it), the more you will see it.

You are the commander of your ship.

So command it!

I talk more about this on the new ‘Redefining Yourself for Maximum Achievement’ CD which you can get here:

Well, looks like it’s time to disappear again. By the way, the idea isn’t to become a hermit and stop engaging in life.

Quite the opposite, actually.

The more you recognize your real self, the more effectively you will commune with people and the world around you.

You take time off from your ‘wheel,’ enter the place inside yourself where there is ‘no time’, gain in wisdom, awareness and understanding, then APPLY your new perspective within the physical world.

This is the secret that comes attached to the end of a dollar bill. This is the secret that life whispers to you every day in countless ways.

Be well, aim high and enjoy the adventure!

Keith Matthew