When I was 19, I had a spiritual experience that showed me I was not alone.

The illusory veil had been pierced and pulled back. Behind it…stood ME.

It was a ME I had known so very long ago.

It was thrilling to feel alive again.

But with the taste of greater freedom comes greater responsibility too.

You see, until age 19, I saw the world in color. Or so I thought. Then I woke up one day to a world of gray.

This was depressing…until I looked inside and again saw colors. Only now they were vibrant and pulsating and alive.

My challenge then was to see the world around me as enchanting – like the world inside. Sometimes I forget and see worlds of gray. But then I remember to look at it “inside-out.”

Many people with each sunrise awaken to new possibilities. Seeking the Great Mystery woven within their successes and failures, some go on long journeys to find their “Answer.”

I know I almost did.

But something inside said, “you’ll never discover it where you’re thinking it should be.”

So I skipped out on my own journey to Mecca or Vision Quest and became rooted right where I stood.

And the tapestry of awareness you and I may call a “veil” unwound itself still further…slowly, slowly.

What is the Great Mystery woven within your success? Great questions are doorways to greater answers.

Why not start off with a powerful one that has worked for the span of time, and then some?

“Who am I?”

The greatest mystery is woven within your own success and it’s forever tied to this question. Ask it and then enjoy what you find…