Right now, there’s probably a tension that’s built into your life. It’s a tension between where you are right now with respect to your goals and where you want to be. It’s also a tension between how you see yourself right now and the type of person you need to see yourself as, in order to attain whatever you want to attain.

Each of us has to change something inside ourselves. Inside ourselves matches outside ourselves so it could be a matter of changing your thoughts, changing your actions, changing your perspective.

This idea of change is something we all have to work with. Some people are much better at change than others. Some people welcome it because they are more flexible, they’re more flowing. Myself, I’m very grounded. I like things to be consistent, repetitive, and I really prefer to be running on the ground than flying in the air or diving into the water. So each of us is different in our level of acceptance of change.

If you want to reach your goals, if you want to increase your income, if you want to have deeper love with the people who are close to you, if you want to advance your career, if you want to have some more joy in your life than you have right now, then it’s going to mean experiencing change and recreating your image of yourself.

Change can be scary because the ego feels like it’s dying. That’s tied to identity. We’re afraid of our identity dying away because then, where will we be? But that’s not who we really are. We’re not tied only to our ego and identity. We’re much more than that. Once we start becoming comfortable with this idea that we are much more than ego and identity, then our mind actually starts to come to terms with it as well and relax a bit. We know that we’re going to be OK no matter what happens. So what are you working on right now that’s scary for you? What kind of goals are you hoping to set and to reach? Maybe you’re only half sure you can do it. Maybe you’re reaching and it seems like you’re reaching too high. Think about these things that you’re looking at and feel inside yourself.

“When I think about them, is it a distant reality – is it kind of a pipe dream? Or do I know that I can reach it?” If it’s distant and far away, you can’t even imagine the type of person you’d need to be to create that type of reality.

So if you’re goals are to be a billionaire, and it freaks you out when you think about it, you might want to set smaller goals. You don’t have to let that goal go. You can write it down and put it away somewhere because, the fact is, you’re not going to be a billionaire until you’re a millionaire. You can’t be a millionaire until you have $100,000, and so forth down to your next ten bucks.

Same thing for a career: if you’re a manager and you want to be a director, or if you’re a director and you want to own your own company altogether, it’s all going to go in stages. Take it apart. Break it down into smaller pieces and then approach each of those smaller pieces. This is that “success secret”, this idea that a great symphony can be broken down into much smaller pieces and our lives are great symphonies. We can break them down into smaller pieces until they’re more chewable and more digestible, these goals that we have in our lives.

This is an amazing thing to do with anything if you have a huge problem in your life, a life experience problem, like “they’re trying to foreclose on my house” or “I can’t get along with my mother-in-law” or whatever it is. It can also be a work related problem where ‘I have this project that I’m working on, and I can’t figure out how to resolve it. I keep trying different things, but I’m not getting to where I need to get to with it.’ Well, if you take it and break it down into smaller pieces, you can solve just about anything.

If you’re looking to create momentum in your life, the key is to keep doing the right thing in small ways. Do everything that supports reaching a single goal. This way, your choices and actions will move you forward in a single direction. As momentum begins to build, you’ll find yourself actually starting to be propelled toward success. People are calling you “out of the blue” to do business with you, opportunities are showing up at your doorstep, and you’re starting to find your groove.

Remember: tension is an obstacle until you start working with it as a catalyst. Only then can the currents of change stream forth and move you forward on your quest for success. Take it one step at a time, though…that’s the secret.