Standing at one corner of the kitchen, I poured Rague sauce over the raviolis and thought excitedly about what I’d write in the article I was about to create for you.

‘The Subconscious Mind and It’s Keys to Creating Healthy Relationships’

That sounds interesting!

I looked down at the almost empty jar of sauce while my mind worked on the title of the article.

“It’s going to be close…doesn’t look like there’s enough sauce to cover these raviolis.”

I had the jar turned upside down and I was slapping the bottom to get every drop to jump out onto my dish of food.

What came next was NOT a conscious decision.

Suddenly, I started singing out loud..”We Have Enough” while I tapped the bottom of the jar like a mini drum.

“We Have Enough!” – mixed in was even some “Na, na, na NA!”

There is a subconscious part of you that stores the answers to all of your questions. And it doesn’t store only information…it contains bottomless wisdom too.

Like the rhythm that sometimes rises to the surface from deep inside of you, insight into your relationships can also appear when you need it.

It’s an invaluable storehouse of pertinent information that can help you not only find fulfilling relationships, but it can also help you to sidestep potentially harmful ones.

Take when I was in my mid-twenties for example. At one point, I’d been spending a lot of time with a woman named Whitney. We enjoyed each other’s company but I didn’t know if I wanted it to turn into a relationship. I had a busy schedule so I hadn’t seen her for a couple of days. Wondering whether it would be good or not to pursue a relationship with Whitney, I went to sleep and dreamt. In the dream, she was standing at the top of a building looking for me. She was looking a little too intensely though – needy and clingy.

This wasn’t the kind of relationship I was looking for – so with this new information, I chose not to take it any further.

The subconscious mind – I didn’t reprogram it here. Instead, I let the information come through to my conscious mind and then I made a choice – with eyes wide open.

I’ve accessed the vast wisdom of the subsconcious mind to make better decisions in many of the relationships I’ve been in. And it’s an ability we all have. What separates those who have a lot of experiences in this area of personal development versus those who do not?


Attention…and practice.

Accelerating Your Success,

Keith Matthew

P.S. – As it turned out, there was just enough sauce to cover the Raviolis.