Foundation is your place or seat of power. It is where you go to retreat to revitalize yourself, to recharge whenever something is going on in your life that is rattling to you. The strength of your foundation is what sustains you through that challenge that you’re going through.

My personal foundation, at least a very strong one, is my home. I go out into the world and I have experiences. I meet people and have interactions. Good things happen, bad things happen. And I say that loosely, good and bad, because really there is no good and bad. It’s how you take it in and you work with it, whatever is happening. You go throughout the day and you could really get worn down. By the end of the day maybe you’ve developed some edge to your attitude because too many people have bumped into you and rubbed you the wrong way. You’ve had some setbacks, maybe financially or relationship-wise.

All these things come into play, life experience happens and then we get to what I call my seat of power or my source of power. I really look forward to coming to my home and not having to defend a position or work anyt hing out. This is my support system.

And everyone’s home is probably pretty different. Some people have families…others are bachelors and they’re going it solo. Home should be a safe haven, a place where you don’t have to explain your actions and where you’re seated at your source of power. I bring up the topic of “foundation” because your source of power or your foundation may not be so sound. There may be some cracks in it. There may be some reasons why your outer world is not taking shape the way you want it to. What do I mean by this?

Well, if you have family in your house, if you have a loved one or a spouse, my question is: are they supporting you in your goals, in your dreams? Or are they shooting things down? For example, maybe you’re a blue collar worker and you want to become a white collar worker. Or maybe you’re a banker and you really want to become an artist. Whatever the situation, is your family behind you? Is your closest circle of people supporting your dreams? Maybe so. But maybe there are times when they are not. And if there is negativity in the home, this definitely directly affects your ability to manifest what you want in life. So what do we do with this? Well, some people recognize that the relationship is not in their best interest and they go and start a new one. For the most part I don’t recommend doing this because it’s very extreme. I do want you to look at what you’ve built in your life so far; can you strengthen it?

Can you strengthen and deepen your relationships with the people in your home, with your friends?

Can you get people to support your vision more? And if they can’t, because everybody has a free will, then can we protect our goals and dreams so that we are not affected by negativity around us?

The following exercise, although not directly related to relationships, is however related to strengthening your foundation. We want to look at how many different ways we can get into the structure of our lives, the foundation of what we build, and seal it – seal the cracks- and replace things that aren’t working.

So a great exercise for building foundation is to go through the things that you have in your house – all of the papers, whatever you have in your house to go through – and do the “spring cleaning” that everyone does. There is a reason why everyone does this: it’s to get rid of the old so you can make room for the new.

How do you test this? Just because something is old does not mean you have to get rid of it. You have to take a look at what is in your life and decide, ‘Is it suiting my means, does it have a supporting purpose to what my goals are?’ For example, I was just the other day at my desk preparing to hold a workshop by phone. Preparing for the call, I had a bunch of different papers, an outline, and some resources that I was planning on sharing with listeners…things I thought would help them along their road to success. I didn’t even have enough room to lay out my resources. So I said to myself, “Wow, this is an example in my life of where I need to create some more foundation.” And it’s not difficult.

I just took everything off the desk and put it over to the side. And then, I put down the appropriate, the current, the alive things on the desk – the techniques that I planned on teaching, part of the outline, a resource I was going to recommend, things that are directly related and pertinent to my success with attendees on the call.

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