Go button“Ok, I’ll have it on your desk right away, Micheline.”

I hurried to get part of the magazine layout printed and over to my boss so she could give her ‘stamp of approval’ before the messenger came to pick up the disks and bring them to the printing plant in Vermont.

That was in 2005. Back then, my home between 10 and 6pm was a small cubicle. No windows, no door…

Just a small cubicle.

My boss didn’t have a door either but she DID have a window where sunshine flooded in each day.

Micheline didn’t want to be there either. But the rent was due on the 1st for her too, just like everyone else. We were both actually grateful for our jobs because the department was downsizing and people were “disappearing” left and right.

Sound familiar?

Well, today it’s all a fading dream to me.

Today I press a button and cash rushes toward me, people get the tools they need to improve their lives, and good things happen for everyone.

Today I have my own successful business. I am the ‘Commander of my Ship’. When I get on the phone with a subscriber or a customer, I often hear, “Wow, I can’t believe it’s really you!” or “I was just listening to one of your CDs!”

But it wasn’t that way at the very beginning. When I first started out, I had a website that just sat there. No, worse. Really: it was the ugliest thing you’d ever seen!

Don’t believe me? Here’s Ugly PROOF!

That was back in January 2003. Let’s look at all the progress I made up until February 2005: Cli.ck Below for MORE Ugly Proof!

Wow, Keith – you were a powerhouse! You were growing your business in a big way!

Nope…I was stuck in a job and stagnated. And why?

Because I didn’t understand this one principle that always leads to great things:

“Set Your Success Wheels in Motion”

My success wheels were NOT in motion. And so I was going nowhere.

I’m talking about myself here to give you insight. This article is about YOU, though. Apply what I’m sharing here to your own life.

Are YOUR Success Wheels in Motion?

Are YOU doing something each day to move you toward realizing your dreams?

Or are they just “dreams” that you have?

What I’m about to reveal to you here can be worth THOUSANDS of dollars to you.

…if you follow through and practice it.

No, actually it can fill your wallet AND your entire life. It’s an abundance principle that never fails. And it’s so simple you will wonder why you are not practicing it already.


The abundance principle that always leads to success is this:

“Become an ACTIVE participant in your life.” Do things…

Make choices, take action – take action continuously

Life does not like to stagnate. Stop hoarding your money, your love, and your SELF.

How can you come to know yourself (your Self) if you don’t bring yourself OUT into the world?

Let loose and LIVE. I’ve made bad choices. All successful people do. We are not perfect. I am so FAR from perfect!

But I have discovered one of the success secrets.

It’s about FLOW. Keep your energy flowing, keep interacting with life and you will always find that, overall, good and sometimes even GREAT things happen.

Why did my life change back in 2005? Not because I played it s-a-f-e.

My life changed because I stepped “outside of the box” I had agreed to live in.

I mean, how symbolic can you get? I’d been living in a cubicle!

Not anymore though.

I sold a marketing book on Amazon.com to the author of ‘Conversations with Millionaires.’ But I wasn’t satisfied with that. No way. Instead of mailing it with all the other orders, I HAND DELIVERED the book right to his office door.

Everyone in the office looked at me like I was an a-l-i-e-n. Next, I created CD designs for his products. There’s much more that followed but the main idea is this:

Set Your Success Wheels in Motion. And keep them in motion.

STAY *IN* MOTION. Talk to people, try new things, make mistakes…interact with life.

I promise you: you will be well rewarded for your efforts.

People don’t yet know the story behind www.777SelfHelp.com. Dr. Joe Rubino and I went through several partners and about 4 website names before we finally got the site off the ground.

When we first launched, the site quickly became one of the top Self Improvement sites on the internet.

Why? Because we ‘Set Our Success Wheels in Motion” and we kept them in motion.

I’m not talking about “persistence” or “perseverance” as Napoleon Hill taught. I”m talking about placing yourself square in the middle of life – see what happens.

So there you have it. It’s a simple success secret – and it will lead to powerful results in your life.

“Set Your Success Wheels in Motion.”

Don’t stand in front of an attractive woman, a handsome man or an abundant future and “hope” your thoughts attract her, him or it to you. People who wish often end up lamenting what “could have been.”

Move TOWARD what you want and then allow the pieces of your ‘life puzzle’ to sort themselves out.

Your Friend in Success,

Keith Matthew

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