kickI was wrestling the other day with my girlfriend’s kitchen faucet. She’d asked me to remove the filter from it so she could swap it out with a newer one.

“Sure, honey.” After chowing down some delicious spighetti, I put on my “master plumber” hat and went right to it.

Three wrenches, two screwdrivers, a hammer, a lighter and one neckache later, I was STILL wrestling with the darn thing!

By now, the old filtration system had snapped off and none of my tools were even remotely budging the piece still on the faucet.

This thing just WASN’T unscrewing.

“Keith, what the heck were you doing with a lighter, anyway?”

Well, at my greatest point of despair, I realized something important:

That busted piece was NOT going to turn – no matter how hard I tried.

…so I changed my perspective and started thinking DIFFERENTLY.

Since the piece still wedged onto the faucet was mostly plastic, I thought, “Maybe I could BURN it off.”

Then, after a few flicks of my Bic, I suddenly had a better idea…

…Saw it off!

So I took the needle-nosed pliers and started using it like a saw. Back and forth…back and forth. Until finally…

I was able to pull the remaining piece right off!

“Stop” believing you know how life works.

When you do, you won’t have even half of the resistance you believe you have in life.

“Start” letting life show YOU how it works.

You’ll be happier you did : )

Accelerating Your Success,

Keith Matthew

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