Halfway through the call, the hair on my hand suddenly stood at complete attention.

With a mysterious certainty, I said to Kathy, “We’ve done this before.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean WE’VE DONE THIS BEFORE!  Everything we’re talking about right now? I remember us talking about a while ago. It’s all coming true.”

Kathy went silent. I could tell she was processing what was going on because up until a moment ago, we seemed to be having an ‘ordinary’ conversation.

But as Dan Millman intimates, “there are no ordinary moments.”

You see, Kathy has been blind since she was 2 years old. She’s a new client of mine and I’m teaching her how to make money online.

Thirty minutes into the phone consultation yesterday, my inner world and my outer world blended together in such a great way that I “remembered” that what we were doing…had been done before.

I didn’t remember it word-for-word. It was more like a general overview or feel of the moment. And the moment extended out, stretching into what we both had believed was to become the “undecided” future.

Some people reading this might trip out a little since I’m suggesting that the future is predetermined.

Stay with me here because I’m NOT saying we are without free will. I AM saying that what most people consider to be “here and now” doesn’t reveal the whole story of our lives as multidimensional beings.

Back to Kathy: for a moment, I had glimpsed how the story unfolds. Is what I glimpsed “set in stone”?


In my experience, is it more than likely to happen the way I saw it in my mind’s eye?


This is not the first time I’ve experienced something like this and probably not the last. Part of what makes this possible is that I listen inwardly as to when to share certain “insights” I receive and when to stay silent about them.

You see, my freedom ends where Kathy’s begins. So if I feel inwardly that telling her something that life shared with me in a flash would interfere with her free will to choose, then I make “the wealthy choice” and I allow her the room “to be.”

There are several success principles woven within this story. The main one I’m highlighting for you here is this:

Your next moment is anything but ordinary…when your inner world and your outer world “meet”, it creates within you a very unique understanding of NOW.

By the way, when I mentioned my “aha” moment to Kathy (without the particulars) she excitedly replied, “yes I have experiences like that too!”

Why am I NOT surprised? Wink.

Well, time to get back to making optin pages, autoresponders and popup windows. There’s money to be made online. I just “know” it.

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