Historically, it never really mattered to me what type of bed I had. It’s there…you sleep on it. Simple as that.

But, while patterns can run their course for many years, ultimately we’re each destined to change – to have new experiences and take on new viewpoints.

That’s the beauty of life. Otherwise we’d never find our way.

After the bed was delivered, I jumped on it a couple of times. I absolutely loved it!.
Ok, now it was time to go out and buy some artwork.

I’d NEVER gone out on a mission to buy artwork for my home before. In fact, In the entire course of my life, I can probably count the number of pictures I’ve put up both at home and at work on ONE HAND!

Well, I came home that evening with two strikingly colorful pieces – one modern and the other abstract.

Why is this important to your own success? Well, each of us has a ‘Seat of Power’ we operate from. It’s a place we return to again and again for strength, confidence and of course…POWER!

This is why teams so often concern themselves with home court or home field advantage. They draw added vitality from their seat of power and their built in support system
(family, fans etc).

I really look forward to coming home and not having to defend a position or work anything out.

But what happens when your seat of power is barren, broken or dysfunctional?
Where do you go to revitalize, refocus and reignite your personal power?

It’s a terrible thing to be out in the world getting bumps and bruises, having experiences, and then you return home to an unsupportive partner or family waiting to wear you down even further. It’s SO important that your seat of power be a place or environment of safety and trust…a place you can kick back and strengthen yourself.

Can you strengthen and deepen your relationships with the people associated with your seat of power? Can you get them to support your vision more?

This is a question you must ask yourself and the answer has to be a resounding YES.
If it isn’t, then you have important work to do NOW…not later.

Napoleon Hill, responsible for the creation of so many millionaires, passionately emphasized the need to have complete harmony in your mastermind group. He said that you can’t have any kind of success if there is continuing disharmony within your core.

It has to be cut out like a malignant tumor or it will continue to rot away at what you’re creating.

I know this to be true – so much so that several years ago I dissolved my business partnership with my fiance and left the company we’d created together. It was not an easy decision, nor was it easy to disentangle all of the financial weaving we’d done up to that point.

Guess what, though: my income IMMEDIATELY shot up after making the move!

I’m not saying you have to leave your partner or leave your home. I AM saying that you have to do whatever it takes to gain harmony within your seat of power.

You see, your success and happiness depends upon it.

So go for it: start creating an ultra-plush environment for yourself…one with vibrant colors and supportive people. Trust me – you’ll be GLAD you did!