Well, it’s Tuesday morning and it’s already a gorgeous day here in New York.

My two cats are both positioned at the window to catch birds in their imaginations (they’re mostly house cats – I let them out once in a while). The weather is supposed to be wonderful for the next few days and then the temperature is going to drop like 20 degrees!

Keith, why are you writing me about the weather? Isn’t this ezine supposed to contain an urgent message about something that is stealing my p.rofits and possibly my dreams too? It Is. A lot of success is about MOMENTUM. When you start a new business or a new project, a new relationship, whatever…you’re laying foundation. You’re putting the bricks in place one by one. But this world isn’t set up for you to be able to generate momentum so easily.

What do you mean, Keith? I mean, how many times do you sit down to get something done and:

A) The phone rings
B) Your spouse, companion , or children ask for something (give me attention, do some kind of chores, let’s go out, there’s a great movie on etc)
C) Someone’s at the door
D) Then of course there’s the World Wide Web! or…
E) You think of a dozen other reasons not to get it done right now

You get the idea.

Do you think Lance Armstrong got to where he’s at today by chance or fate?

He’s where he is by building MOMENTUM. How many times do you think he got up, got out, and “got it going”? Do you think he said, “oh…there’s a great movie marathon on tv today…let me watch it and not go cycling today.

No way!!!

You have to build momentum in your life. Because one thing leads to another leads to another leads to another. Start building momentum in your career, your business, your relationships, and in your life. Be like Lance Armstrong and take the next hill by storm…and let your momentum from working the hill in front of you carry you both down the other side and part of the way up the next one. It’s all about momentum. Have a Great Day. I know a lot of ‘Magnify Your Success’ readers are business people interested in success principles but also in marketing, how to fulfill your goals and dreams and of course have more m.oney. So next time I’m going to talk more about some of those things. We’ll always pull out the success principle though…because if you “get the principle”, you can apply it to any area of your life.


P.S. – You don’t always have to pick up the phone! Let the voicemail get it sometimes 🙂

P.P.S. – If you need a kick in the pants because your life and/or business is stuck in neutral, then go here: