As you may know, I was at the ‘JVAlertLive’ seminar in Philadelphia recently. What you don’t know is that I saw a success principle in action while standing in the back of the room. JV Alert is a seminar for marketers but here’s the thing: life reveals its hidden meanings wherever it decides to. It’s not saying, “oh, this is a marketing seminar so I won’t express my principles here…not how it works. That said, it then really becomes more a matter of whether you’re paying attention to what’s happening around you or not.

Ok, so I’m standing in the back of the room (I mean the VERY back) and not far from me is Alan Bechtold sitting in a chair. Everyone’s is listening to Yanik Silver speak onstage. After a while, Alan gets up walks away. I didn’t want to jump on the chair so quickly in case he was coming right back. So I waited…and waited. No Alan. Apparently the red haired woman standing right next to the now empty chair was thinking similarly because she didn’t go over and sit in it either. A good 15 to 20 minutes went by and this chair was just sitting there, empty and unused. At that point, I decided the chair was looking pretty good now and I was going to go jump on it.

I’m telling you: not TWO seconds later, the red haired woman (I think her name is Lauren), looks at the chair and then goes and sits in it! Lauren! You hadn’t so much as moved a muscle to sit in the chair for 20 minutes…now I decide I’m going to sit there and you suddenly have an overwhelming urge to do the exact same thing?

I wasn’t upset as much as I was caught off guard. But then again, I should know better because life is teaching it’s secrets regardless of whether or not we’re listening.

Here’s the success principle I’d like to share with you today: Your ideas are NOT yours only. In fact, there are streams of thoughts…there are INNER movements and shifts that occur BEFORE they actually take place in your outer, physical world. Think about this the next time you are looking to manifest what you want in your life. Think about where it manifests from.

We’re not done yet, though. I have one more success principle to share with you here. So Alan actually comes back and now he has nowhere to sit since Lauren is sitting in the chair he left and I’m eyeing the thing too. With only one chair amongst us in the back of the room, it looks pretty much like Alan is going to be standing until Yank is done presenting…right?


Instead, at the prompting of a friend, Alan goes across the room and grabs another empty chair, dragging it back with him. He plops it down right beside Lauren’s and settles in to hear the rest of Yanik’s talk.

Is this example earth-shattering? Nope. Is it directly related to your own successes?


You see, sometimes you don’t yet have the best solution to your present circumstances because you don’t have enough relevant information. So if you’re able to introduce a new element into the mix (ie, another chair to sit in), you can often end up experiencing a new and revised perspective. With this new and revised perspective, you’ll often be able to see solutions you didn’t even know were there before.

Keith Matthew