This is one of the headlines I was looking at while writing this to you early yesterday morning:

“White House considers taking ownership stakes in private banks to deal with credit crisis”

They are seeking to “deal with a serious credit crisis that has caused the biggest upheavals on Wall Street in seven decades and continues to roil global markets.”

My question for you is this: how did this credit crisis “sneak up on us” like it did?

Or didn’t it?

Was the world turning a blind eye? Have we been looking the other way while the problems worsened?

And now world governments are looking to bail out and to some extent even “buy out” the institutions that are such a mess.

We’ve all gotten into a jam at one point or another. Whether it be with credit cards or making poor business decisions. It’s part of the growing process.

What disturbs me is that across the board bailouts do not send the right message to the world. The lesson should be: manage your affairs more wisely or watch your company disintegrate. If we take away the lesson, then we are guilty continued reading by clicking here of perpetuating the problem.

Now, I don’t think we should just let tons of jobs go down the tubes without trying to preserve them. But let me ask you this:

When was the last time you didn’t pay your electric bill and the utility company said to you, “no worries, we’ll pay it for you.”


Like a loving parent who pain-heartedly watches as their child learns new lessons and discovers how to take care of himself, so should we less quick to rush in and take their troubles away.

I still want to know where the world governments were while the problems were mounting. Hmmm…busy attacking each other and exploiting world resources perhaps?

So that’s most of my rant for today. But the question still remains:

Where does that leave us now?

Well, I can’t recall so many instances of people around me losing their jobs, having their retirement money depleted and just downright worried about their financial well-being.

EBay cut 10% of its workforce the other day. General Motors is shutting down divisions. Just pick up a paper one of these days and chances are some company is laying off people.

But you’re safe right? I mean you have a secure position and you’re untouchable correct?

Think again.

What happens when the pink slip comes or you get a memo informing you that you’ve actually been working on ‘The Titanic’ all this time?

(I’m still waiting to see how they carve up my bank – Wachovia.)

For the record, I don’t believe using credit is a bad thing. It’s just the abuse of it which has caused this mess.

In fact, I teach my clients to leverage credit in a way that they can create assets by doing so.

I teach people how to have successful businesses from home.

You can’t get fired from home.

In fact, when you become your own boss, you can give yourself pay raises whenever you want!

Now is the time to be preparing yourself to be self-sufficient. Actually, you should have
been doing it for a while already but there’s still time to get it done if you start
putting your attention on it today.

Accelerating Your Success,

Keith Matthew
Self Mastery Secrets

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