A long-time friend of mine called me mid-morning today, expecting to leave a message on my voicemail.

He was totally surprised to hear me answer the phone.

“Hey young man, why aren’t you at work? Are you playing hookie today?”

I laughed a hearty laugh and replied, “No, Mario. I have my own business – I have for several years now. In fact, I can work from anywhere in the world now. I can do whatever I want.”

You see, Mario and I lost touch for a couple of years so we have some catching up to do. He still remembers the days I used to do the ‘daily grind,’ commuting back and forth to work every day.

Those days are a fast fading memory for me.

And let me tell you: Monday was THE WORST. Tuesday wasn’t so great either but at least it was 24 hours closer to Friday.

I’d drag myself in to work, have a coffee and ‘deal with reality’.

Every morning, while getting ready to leave for my job, I’d break out into chant:


Then I’d say to myself, “thank God it’s Friday.”

Sound crazy?

Maybe. Maybe it’s crazier to live the kind of life you don’t want to live.

Maybe it’s crazier to ‘sell yourself short’ and give up on your dreams of freedom, abundance and brilliant living.

All I know is this:

I don’t do the daily grind anymore.

I don’t sit in a cubicle anymore and I don’t wonder when my pink slip will show up on my ‘borrowed’ desk.

I don’t have anyone telling me when I can catch a cold anymore.

I live my dream and I get paid MUCH more these days to live a happier life.

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As little as one action separates you from what you want in life. Don’t continue accepting the life that others choose for you.

Live POWERFULLY – YOU decide what your life is going to be about.

Keith Matthew

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