People have been asking me about the new product I just released and why I called it The Reality Crusher System.

Well I have a funny story to tell you which ties in to that.

Late last night, I called my friend Ed Zimbardi (The Closing Coach) on his cell to discuss a project we’re working on. He’d had a full day (it WAS 1 am) so he said, “Keith, let’s do it in the morning. Why don’t you call it a
night and rest up.”

I know I should have taken his advice because I’m dog tired today but here’s what happened: I was so fired up about what is in store for my business and for my clients in 2009 that instead I did some strategic research on what it takes to build a 100 million dollar company.

You see, each level higher requires a new mindset…a new way of approaching your life and your business.

It requires a NEW YOU.

People wonder why some things that worked so well for them suddenly just STOP. It’s because you’re ready to take the conversation UP a notch. And you don’t have to be living a perfect life to be ready to go to the next level. In fact, everything around you could actually be extra chaotic BECAUSE you are approaching the next level. When time and timing match up, watch out.

Here are examples of what I mean: I was an eBay Powerseller back in 2004. It didn’t happen overnight but it did happen pretty quickly. Through my time energy and attention (and inner guidance), I discovered a way to pull money out of eBay without even a product!

Imagine that: no website, no list, no product – and I was making $2,000 a month extra income after coming home from a job! (yes, I did have a full-time job back then).

You see, life is difficult and a mystery only to the extent that you cannot see the many opportunities that surround you every day.

And I’m telling you – there are MANY!

A trained set of eyes can see things most others can’t – even if it’s right under their noses!

So I pulled cash out of my eBay cash machine while I sharpened my marketing skills for who I was later to become. Remember: each level higher requires a new YOU. This went on until one day the strangest thing happened:

I didn’t know how to sell! You probably think I’m pulling your leg here but I’m not. It was like the lightbulb went OUT and what had worked for many months suddenly didn’t anymore. It was like being in a Bacardi Mojito commercial. Everything just STOPPED.

Soon after, I took my cue and left eBay for the next leg of my journey: creating my own product and selling it on my very own website.

Same thing happened again recently. I’d been hosting quite a few teleseminars and beaome somewhat of an expert at it. It’s a great way to establish yourself as an authority and let people get to know you more personally (instead of only by email or a webpage). But today I realized I’ve only done a couple of teleseminars in the past four months.


Why the long teleseminar drought? Because I’d been growing myself in other key areas of my business. I’d been preparing to raise myself to the next level of success. I forged strong business partnerships with 6 key people. And I don’t mean we exchanged cards. We’re CREATING and impacting peoples lives in these partnerships.

So, anyway, back to my funny story…

Late last night I was reading up on how $100 million companies handle their day to day business and taking notes on how I could do similar.

Listen: don’t just take notes…take ACTION notes. Successful people are relentlessly taking action and moving forward.

Get ready because here’s the funny part (funny to you at least): I woke up this morning to the sound of my front doorbell. Looking out the window, I saw no one.

Excited to be awake and alive, living the life I want to be, I went to wash up and get ready to attack the day.

As I turned the faucet handles, what I saw was like from a dream:

There was no water! Nothing..nada!

I raced to the door to find out more about my ‘mystery caller’ and saw a note on it:

“We’ve turned off your water for nonpayment.”

Wow. Well good morning to you too!

I threw on my jacket and drove to Town Hall (crazy hair and unshaven) and I straightened it out.

On the way, ironically, I ran into the guy who’d just turned off my water. I rolled down the window and told him it was a crummy thing he’d done (in my opinion anyway).

You know what he said to that?

“Which one are you? I’ve done at least 20 of them already.”

My jaw dropped.

How many houses were going to have their water turned off today alone? 30? 40?

I live northeast of Atlanta where there are $2-4 million homes just down the road. Having recently moved to the area from New York, I simply screwed up and forgot that the water and heat bills for my house are separate. All my other bills are set to automatic payment so I can focus on my business and helping clients instead of doing “busy work”.

But what about the 30 or 40 people that will have no water today? They are the reason why I created the ‘Reality Crusher System’. Because we can’t just inch our way ahead in is too short for that.

We’ve got to absolutely CRUSH old ways of living and doing things. Change your reality in such a powerful, positive way that there is just NO WAY you’ll go back to getting mediocre results again.

That’s what the Reality Crusher System is about. And that’s why so many people snapped it up at the ridiculously low investment amount I made it available for last week.

I mean, when you see what I’ve put into this system, you’re going to think I’m crazy. It suits two purposes though: 1) I get this brand new product into production so that I have processes in place for my business; and 2) my subscribers get an amazing deal on an amazing product.

This article, however, is not only about the 30-40 people around me that are going to be without water the rest of today (they turned mine back on ASAP).

…it’s also about YOU having MORE in 2009.

* More Success and Wealth.
* More Fulfilling Relationships.

Anyway, I just wanted to shed some light on WHY I decided to call it ‘The Reality Crusher System.’ Hope you enjoyed my “funny story” today : )

May your water stay on, and may your wallet be full.