Fotolia_2820373_XSHave you ever felt like you were on top of the world only to later find you were really just standing on a house of cards?  And it all came tumbling down?

Have you ever taken a chance and consequently been burned?

I bet you have. In fact, I’d say we ALL have one time or another.

Sometimes we end up with “egg on our face” and we say, “Wow, I’m sure glad I didn’t totally commit myself to that _______ – what a disaster!  (person/investment/opportunity/friendship/religion/hobby).

If I had fully committed, what a fool I would have been!  See how it turned out?

Now, there’s a difference between 1) Managing risk and 2) Hiding behind “fear of failure.”

I’m not saying bet your life savings on “red” and let the dice fly. You need to make sure you don’t wipe yourself out of the game.

What I’m saying is this: take a look at your fears and desires. Are you giving a sincere effort each day? Or are you make  excuses each time you are delayed from reaching for the gold?

Successful people take educated risks, knowing they’re going to experience failure along the way.

Call it “failing forward” or “feel the fear and do it anyway” or “the probability of your success.” Either way, it all comes down to this:

What’s going to determine *your* greatness isn’t how much mo.ney you have (or don’t have) in the bank. It’s going to be your commitment to success and your ability to recreate it in your own world.

Again and again.

The human plight isn’t about conquering your fellow mankind. It’s about your willingness to rise up again and again and AGAIN.

Are you “hedging your bets” in life? Or are you putting your entire self and heart into your endeavors?

How committed are you to what you want? What are you willing to give in order to receive it?

I asked some friends on Facebook: “How do you *know* if you’re giving your very best?”  Here are some of the answers they gave:

Tammy A. – When you know that if you did it over again, you wouldn’t be able to improve upon it.

Keith Matthew – Hmmm…well let’s say I gave my best at a video game and I scored 1,212 points. Then I played again. Isn’t there a chance I’d score more the next time around because I’d been there already? If I scored 1,244 when I did it over, does that mean I didn’t give my very best the first time?

Tatiana M. – When my heart opens during my action. And everything flow really well!  […] You gave your the best according your consciousness and experience.

Tammy A. – Well, I took that question to mean at that very moment. You can only do your best one moment, one project, at a time. As you grow and learn, your best will change accordingly.

If you played that video game, 20 times in a row and got that… same score every time then that would be your best for right then. That does not mean a week from then it would not be better.

Keith Matthew – If I play 20x and get the same score every time, that doesn’t necessarily mean I haven’t progressed, either! Maybe I learned how to master “jumping” and it’s just not reflected in the score because I haven’t yet figured out how to find a key or a clue I need for the next level.

Raphael S. – You never know.

Sheila G. – when you give s much it hurts then you get up and do it again

Elizabeth W. – when one says thanx,good work…

Esin E. – if I like it….that is mt best!!

Cheryl A. – I go home and go fast asleep, that is all there is left to do, dream!

J.J. – You never give your very best!..Tienes que guardar alguna carta bajo la manga para seguir jugando!

Debra S. ‎- …when there’s nothing more to give?!?!

So what’s *your* answer? Share it HERE with everyone too!

Accelerating Your Success,

Keith Matthew

P.S. – Tomorrow we’re going to pull back the curtain and find out “What you can *do* to succeed when your best just ISN’T good enough!”