My Success-minded Friend,

Have you lived long enough?
Have you worked hard enough?
Have you struggled, scratched and clawed?

The cumbersome climb up your mountain of success is purposefully a slow, particular one.

And for what purpose exactly?

Why, to PROVE that you can pass all the rigorous tests of course!

To prove that you are ‘worthy’ of entering that elite circle of the wealthy and successful.

No, wait. Let me correct myself here as you read this.

These s-l-o-w, arduous steps are designed to prove that you are ‘worthy’ of claiming the success they afford you. It’s not a blueprint for entering the elite circle of the wealthy and successful. No, no, no. The elite hold close to them realizations that are very different from the ones this path leads to.

“THEY” are on the ACCELERATED path to success.

“YOU” are on the path to growing old and hoping your legs work well enough to get you around your remaining years.

Gee, Keith, remind me to NOT invite you to my next party!!!

Understood. AND…I don’t write to tell you what you want to hear. I write to help you live a better, fuller, deeper kind of life.

Erase from your mind whatever you’ve been taught about working harder will take you there.

It does to a point. And then it’s time to let that belief go. It served you well and now you want to start making quantum leaps.

Life is the greatest of merchants that will pay you exactly what you believe it can afford.

Whatever salary you make, or income level you’re at…YOU have signaled the universe to pay to you.

You think tweaking sales copy leads to greater returns? Try tweaking your perception or perspective of life – then you’ll see some JAWDROPPING returns!

Even if you’re not quite ready to, I on the other hand anticipate great things from you in the coming months. I already know what you are worth.


If you’re worth $100,000 and up, then why do you do tasks each day that essentially pay you $8 an hour for your very precious time?

If your love is deeper than any ocean’s bottom, then why do you let unconscious people romance you and treat you badly?

If you know that processed sugar sabotages your success and caffeine drugs your inner senses, why do you continue to play someone else’s game?

Everyone climbs up the same mountain. The question is: what will YOUR climb be like? Has someone else already decided it for you when you learned to shadow their beliefs and approximate the slow speed of their ascent?

Tell me what you’re worth and I’ll tell you what you’ll be paid.

Show me who you are and I’ll slide a mirror in front of you to show YOU…someone who is flexible, flowing and unstoppable.

See you at the TOP!!!

Keith Matthew