It was 8 o’clock at night and I glanced around the livingroom – it looked like a war zone – I have two cats and one of them can take out half the room by himself.

I’m talking about…


He let’s them shoot out of his mouth like a canon and sends lunch along with it. And not just once, either: usually 3 times in a matter of minutes. If I race toward him fast enough, sometimes I can intercept before too much damage is done. Ultimately, though, my livingroom rug is multicolored and doomed.


Someone recently told me there’s a product that does miracles for saving your rug so I figured now was as good a time as ever to go find one of them and try it out.

What I’m about to share with you is a case study of how the internet creates sales (at least one of the ways). And the fun part?

I AM the case study!

Ok so first we go to my friend who knows more than anyone else I’ve ever met (let alone “you know who” upstairs). I am always amazed at what an unceasing expert my friend is. Who am I talking about?


So let’s go to and do a search for the magic product that hopefully will save my rug. I typed in the words: cats carpet cleaning and as you see below, a number of websites related to those keyword terms showed up.

spot shot carpet cleaner google search

Scanning the descriptions, I’m thinking ‘‘ is a good one. It’s a review site and I’m looking for someone who has had a similar problem as my own that already found a solution for it. So I click on the link and end up at the site which starts out with the following information:

spot shot product review

“…the best puke spot remedy ever!” That’s EXACTLY what I’m looking for (at least based on the description). Going back to, I now do a search for “spot shot”. I’m searching for it in quotation marks too because I specifically want to find where to go to buy a can of “Spot Shot” stain removal – because of this woman’s positive review of the product. Now, if she had a way of buying it from her directly, maybe I would have just clicked and purchased it directly through her. And if she had used a “Spot Shot” affiliate link, she would have made a commission on the sale too.

But there wasn’t a way to purchase through her and there wasn’t an affiliate link. And really I want this miraculous stain remover immediately (the need for instant gratification sends me looking for a place to buy OFFLINE.)

Interestingly, the first few websites that mention “Spot Shot” also are not selling the product. Finally I see Walgreens IS selling it.

Great! Now I just have to go to their site and find out where the nearest Walgreens store is.

buy spot shot carpet cleaner at Walgreens

I locate it but I’m better at finding things on the internet than I am finding my way down my own street so I’m going to need some help here! Chances are you don’t live in Gainesville, Georgia so I’m NOT going to try calling YOU : )
Instead, I’m going to my good friends Mapquest for directions!!!

spot-shot mapquest

12 minutes later, I’m standing in the cleaning supplies aisle at Walgreens and grabbing a can of “Spot Shot” to take over to the checkout line.

You know what? On second thought, let me get TWO cans so I don’t have to come back : ) [They were on sale 2-for-1 so that was an easy call to make.]

I spent $7 on the two cans and another $2 on a dish I saw on the way to the register.

So that’s 3 items I bought for just under $10.

Guess how much money Walgreens spent to get me as a customer?


Sure they do advertising for brand recognition but for my particular purchase, all they had to do was get their website in front of me when I was looking for a carpet cleaner to battle my livingroom-wrecking cat.

How would you like someone to walk up to you today and say, “hi, you don’t know me and we haven’t had any communications before directly but I just want to hand you some money.

What if hundreds or thousands of people came to you and handed you money? Things can get exciting pretty quickly.

Now I didn’t look to see how many times people are searching for “Spot Shot” online each day, and that does matter. Maybe only 3 people were searching for it the same time I was. I don’t know.

The point is: money is money and I just dropped some on Walgreens for making sure they were in the right place at the right time.

Curious as to what happened when I got home and tried the stuff?


Well of course I was too so I put the can to work right away. Here are the results of spraying “Spot Shot” on some tough “surprises” that weren’t exactly recent mishaps either:

shot spot carpet cleaner results for removing cat puke

Mind you, I didn’t even let the rug dry before snapping the “after” photo and I only applied it once (for tough stains you’re advised to apply it two or three times):

shot spot carpet cleaner removing cat puke - results after application

Pretty darn good! In fact, it worked almost like magic. I thought I’d have to wipe the red stains off but they just “disappear”! Somehow it destroys the stain and still leave the original rug color in tact (for beige rugs, I didn’t test it on any dark colored rugs).

So there you have it: a case study of ME looking online for a solution and then pulling out my credit card to pay for it…in this case: offline. I hope you enjoyed this presentation. There are a lot of directions we could take this conversation in if we were to continue it. The main one though is this: how would YOU like to get in front of prospects with problems and are willing to pay money to solve? Learn to leverage the power of the internet and your ideas of how to make money will be forever altered. My entire income DOUBLED the first year I tapped into this vehicle for creating wealth. Yours definitely can increase too. Think about it!

Accelerating Your Success,

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Keith Matthew

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