Successful Living Among the Walking Wounded

Even as you read this right now, there’s a battle being waged for your attention freedom.

The physical world is a place of duality:

Hot Cold
Male Female
On Off
Yes No
Up Down
Win Lose

How many times have you swung the pendulum between happy and sad?

Join me on a brief trip of self-discovery.

I became involved with a woman who lives clear across the world.

For two months I felt the joy of sharing/giving/growing.

Then I took the journey across waters to a distant land and my cup filled with experiences.

…new friendships, discovery and adventure.

Four days later, the celebration was over.

My interest appeared before me with an old/new boyfriend who shook my hand and announced his engagement to her.

Happy swings to sad…and back across the world I went.

The war that wages for your attention freedom is filled with intent.

Our worlds each rotate upon the axis of purposeful randomness.

During the long trip back to my temporary home, I had time for reflection…plenty of time.

Perhaps it would take being in a plane 35,000 feet above the ocean, jetisoning nearly 600 miles per hour, for me to sit still and deeply reflect?

Reading this, you may have children needing baths or dinner, the 6 o’clock news permeating the room, or the tick-tock of a clock pressing you toward your 9-5 job.

For me, I had nothing but a seat, a window and duration.

What a gift sometimes it is to be trapped in a world that wants to speak to you about the secrets of your life.

By the time my 3rd plane had landed me back in Atlanta, Africa had begun to feel like a surreal dream.

But then, aren’t all of our moments that way?

When a battle wages, there are only two possible outcomes in the end: 1) “Surrendering to the enemy” or 2) “Conquering your destiny.”

The greatest changes in my life never did come squarely of my own efforts. But to be fair, the changes wouldn’t have come in the absence of those same efforts either.


I was in a supermarket while in South Africa, looking for crackers, when life brought me food for thought. A woman with proper posture was beside a tall thin boy: her son. I watched as he broke out into small dance moves, sliding his feet, making his body move to simulate the flowing nature that underlies all things.

“Cut that OUT!” growled the mother. She added a few more choice words I couldn’t make out. Probably something about how he couldn’t “BE” that way here in this place and this time.

I was horrified.

Why? Because she is restricting his attention freedom. She is subverting his desire to become all that he has always been.

There is a place where discipline and ‘freedom of becoming’ meet. I don’t think this mother and son have found it.

Later on, we grow up and, watching others dance, wishing we could too. If only we remembered that we COULD dance – that ordinary trips to the supermarket are “Battlegrounds for the Self” that can turn us into the “walking wounded.”

How many women have stories like, “I love him, but he becomes two different people. Sometimes he’s so wonderful and other times he’s unbearable.”

How many years of your life have you hoped for only the Light to come forward from your partner? That they love and respect you rather than do and say some of the things they choose?

We live among the “walking wounded” and a whole lot of healing needs to happen before we regain our attention freedom.

Oh but this article isn’t about, “poor you or me.”

The War of ‘Dual-ity’ wages within you and around you whether you claim the role of tyrant, victim or some other.

My message to you is one of hope, faith and determination. EVERYTHING counts…

The next time you pick up a cigarette and poison your body, know that someone has made you a slave.

The next time you call another person an *ss, even in your heart or mind, know that you are claiming your place among the walking wounded.

The next time your temper flares or your heart despairs, or you choose chocolate cake over apples and pears (God help us all ha, ha)…

..know that a war is being waged for your attention freedom and that particular battle has gone to the enemy.

Let your children dance in the aisles and teach them how to respectfully live in their POWER.

I’m no saint, I’m right here in the middle of it with you.

My mind has craved chocolate all day today. But I want attention freedom and to live a finer life.


So as soon as I sign off here, I’m going to instead make a tunafish sandwich.

LIFE BEYOND DUALITY Flying to Africa, my heart was filled with love and possibility. The ride back home, though, was long and empty. Why me? What did I do wrong? What was the purpose? These questions cycled in my mind as I sat on a plane in a life of “doing time”.

Fortunately, beyond the exchanges of victim and tyrant exists a reality that far exceeds even the best of moments in a world of duality. Life’s riches multiply when we slip into higher perspectives. Because of my sincere willingness to change and grow, the very next morning I experienced ‘the grace of life.’

At 5am, sitting at the computer to do some work, I suddenly slipped into a higher state of being.

I could not have orchestrated such a change with my mind alone: it was a subtle and profound shift that had happened inside me.

In that moment, I let go of the wounds that were binding me. You see, as real as they were…they were not there. They never had been.

Finding myself in this “healthy place”, I decided, “let’s keep going!” And so I then released my past partners and wished them well.

I even went and got on the phone with my ex-fiance who I’d boycotted for many months! The healing power that lies beyond this world of duality had made itself known.

So…I let them all go. Truth is, I never found or lost them anyway. A war is waging for your attention freedom.

Acknowledge it.

Advance against the enemy…

Then let it all disappear so only the real remains.