‘Negative Thoughts – Weeds in the Garden of Your Mind’

Today we’re focusing on an important success principle: removing limiting beliefs from your consciousness.

One of the main reasons why you’re not succeeding faster than you are right now is because you have negative thoughts and limiting beliefs about yourself as well as the people around you.

I own a 3-family investment property in the Bronx. During the winter months, the backyard looked barren and uninviting. Not necessarily bad – just lifeless.

Having moved well into Spring now, I looked at the backyard yesterday and was amazed to see weeds everywhere. They’re as tall as 3-feet high and they’ve really taken root.

This is the backyard of my investment property but it might as well be the garden of my mind or your mind.

You see, when you neglect your Self and allow just any old thought or belief to take hold in your consciousness, after a while, you’ll find you too have 3-foot high weeds growing in your backyard.

These weeds are ugly and they keep you from succeeding.

These are the weeds of fear, doubt and uncertainty . And while they are there in your subconscious, there is little room for beautiful flowers and plants to take hold and grow.

So what do we do with these ‘weeds in the garden of our minds’?

You have to pull negative thoughts and limiting beliefs out from your subconscious…yank them out one by one.

I’ve recently gone back to one of my core success practices that helps me to do just that. I’ve been listening to a song called ‘Don’t Give Up’ by Josh Groban. Why is this significant? Because I’m saturating my consciousness with uplifting vibration. I put on the headphones and ‘loop’ this single track throughout the night.

Maybe the song should be called ‘Give Up’ because that’s what I’m doing…I’m giving up hold of negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Or

another way of saying it: I’m yanking out the weeds of my mind to make room for beautiful flowers and plants to grow.

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Accelerating Your Success,

Keith Matthew

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