Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, I was surrounded by plenty of characters I called “my friends”. Many of them were being raised by parents that had limited consciousness and didn’t teach their children how to grow up in a way that they’d make something of their lives.

I was always in trouble at school during my youth. So much so, that the assistant principle sat me down one day during lunch time (I was 8 years old), and told me I was dangerously close to having to repeat third grade. This was in spite of the fact that I had excellent grades! I didn’t know if his threat was real or a bluff so I took it as real and started to change my ways.

I also remember at least a half dozen different times during my youth where my mother looked me square in the eyes and asked me, “Are you going to be a leader or a follower?” She was concerned because she knew my path would soon be decided and it was a coin toss which direction I’d end up headed in.

At age 12, my mother had me take a special entrance exam to get into Mark Twain Junior High School. I passed the exam and went to Mark Twain, leaving my “friends” behind. They couldn’t pass it because their skills and talents were different. They grew up and joined gangs, specializing in dealing drugs and stealing cars. I went on to begin creating a life of service.

Why do I tell you this?

Because a good majority of people in the world today are happy living out the rest of their days here on earth doing what everyone else does and complaining about how they never experience any real success in their lives. They play the role of victim, blaming politics, the economy, family, God…anything they can think of as long as they don’t have to take responsibility for their lives.

These are the same people that pay for seminars and don’t go. These are the same people that say they’ll do anything to succeed but, when ‘push comes to shove’, they retreat back to their safe, predictable lives and convince themselves that they are cont ented.

You’d do well to take honest inventory of yourself: you may be one of these people at times too! Instead of going to the source of the abundance of supply and creating something for themselves from out the formless energy, the majority of people spend their time running after the few who have related with abundance and who have money, and spend their time trying to ‘get something for nothing.’ Sure you can get a free ride in life. And more likely than not, those people who have created nothing for themselves end up getting just that: a free ride. But it’s a free ride to nowhere!

Everywhere around you is “vacant space”: a live, vital, seething mass of energy, far more vital and powerful than anything anyone has yet harnessed in material form, and you can go and draw from it an eternal abundance of everything you want.

Pretty cool right?

This vital substance is invisible to the physical sight, and yet it still exists. Relate with it constantly and persistently in your consciousness in accordance with the image you have built and held in your imagination. This sets up a strong, powerful vibration with your thoughts, and under the Law of Harmonious Attraction, the atoms of this invisible substance you relate with in your thought world will begin to materialize in form around you.

This vital substance may be differentiated into countless material things; the differentiation caused by the difference in the rate at which the atoms, composing the material form, vibrate.

Do you get what I’m saying here? The objects and circumstances that are materialized in your life have a particular vibration.

Learn to differentiate this vital substance into the things you DO want by learning to change the vibration of your life!

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