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As you read deeper and deeper into this report, you'll uncover this amazing and life altering secret that few people know about or dare to speak of!

From: Keith Matthew
Date: 1 Mar 2013

Dear Friend,

If you will trust me (even a little bit) for just 5 short minutes, I will show you the secrets to rapidly changing your life and easily cutting the time and energy you spend on acquiring the maximum level of success you deserve.

There are a select few who seem to have incredible luck, everything they touch just seems to turn to gold!

But for the rest of us, it seems that we never manage to have everything hitting at the right time together, always some missing element to the mix that keeps us groping for that carrot that is just beyond our reach.

Trust me, I know how frustrating it can be when you work so hard to achieve the life you want to live and always manage to fall short.

After cancer, bankruptcy and divorce I FEEL your pain!

So the question is are you doomed to go from program to program, seeking that missing piece of the puzzle, that one missing element that unites them all? Playing the "I've got the money but no time, I've got the time but no money" game.


Doesn't it feel better just finally hearing that? I know I beat myself up pretty good for a long time thinking I needed to work harder, longer, faster...and still wind up with nothing but exhaustion and disillusionment.

Look, there is nothing to be embaressed about at all. I've been exactly where you are. I totally understand.

There is no instruction manual handed to us at birth.


The REAL reason you aren't more successful is simple. It's a problem my father told me about years ago. The way he said it was, "hindsight is 20/20." What he meant is that most things, we never see coming. That is true for most of us.

What if I told you it doesn't have to be that way? Could you entertain the thought that maybe, just maybe I discovered something that allows us to "peek" at what lies ahead?

Listen, I'm not going to twist your arm on this. I already know what these reports have done for my closest clients, and they've paid me considerable sums of money to get the very same sort of information.

Some of them have gone on to create incredibly successful lives simply by having a clearer understanding of why things have played out the way they have so far and what to expect up ahead.

When you read this report, you'll discover it's easy to...

Make better choices (that's what makes or breaks a life isn't it?

Avoid the pitfalls and catastrophes BEFORE they happen.

Get a higher return on the investments of your time, money and relationships. (How many times have you had the "woulda, shoulda, coulda" line of regret thinking?

Know what you were born to do in this world. (Simply acting on this can dramatically increase your success in all facets because you won't be going against the grain.)

See what lessons you are meant to learn so you can solve them and move forward in your life. (You know, those naggingly elusive things you know are holding you back but you can never quite put your finger on what they are?)

Understand how people perceive you. (I assure you they don't see you the way you think they do! (Change that and immediately make a better impression!)
Discover what your deepest motivations are so that you are clear about how to feel deeply satisfied with your life. (What good are finer things in life if you still aren't satisfied?)

And WAY too much to list here.

Plus for a limited time only, you get...

The Ultimate Relationship Resource

Get my 4 year climpse numerology report today and I'll throw in a beefy Relationship Assessment companion guide valued at $120.00 absolutely FREE! This amazing companion guide is specially designed to accompany the report and is loaded with virtually everything you need to have a more complete understanding of your primary relationship and its potentials and challenges. (This report can smoke 6 months of marital counseling in it's effectiveness, and if you're like me, you know how much that costs!)





You've probably tried goal setting, creative visualization, brain entrainment and maybe all kinds of other techniques, but that isn't important.

I'm a natural skeptic with an open mind. I've seen things that make the Twilight Zone look like Saturday Morning Cartoons but for every real phenomena I see out there, there are a hundred hoaxes..

Many of the techniques you've probably tried are good techniques, but that is all they are, and if they aren't the proper techniques to use for who you are and where you are going, they won't produce the results you want them to.

But if you read this in-depth report, you'll know what you should be doing and when, and that my friend is serious leverage. It's the proper force applied at the perfect time.

This sounds like a tall statement, but when you finish reading your report, you'll know exactly how to get what you want from life and what to focus on to get you there.

So you have the GREATEST opportunity for making your life kick up to full volume, day and night.

Of course, I have no way of predicting how much you'll utilize your report but I honestly believe that if you're serious about making big changes...

You will understand yourself better than you ever have.

You will reveal the lessons you've been trying to learn over and over once and for all.

You will learn to refer back to your report anytime you have an important decision to make and let its insight help you make the correct choice...



"It is SO RIGHT ON now with everything that is happening in my life. It is amazing. 2007 is going to be a good year for me-- a year of completion....Thank you so much"




These techniques are a very ancient art that goes back to Pythagoras. It has long been known that your birth date and name hold the hidden keys to the story of your life, though few understand how to arrive at the level of precision I've achieved.

Through fairly straightforward mathematical calculations, it is possible to discern the plans the universe has for you. Think of it as a spiritual DNA encoded at birth.

Armed with this knowledge, you'll never again be "guessing" what you should be doing. Your mission in life will become crystal clear.

" I Hadn't Realized Until Now."

I found the report to be very interesting, informative and amazingly accurate. It gave me much insight into my own personality, much of which I knew, but some of which I hadn't realized until now. It allowed me to see things about myself from the outside instead of from the inside. I feel that I can use this information to better understand my strengths and weaknesses and what I need to do to be successful.

Joan Rodriguez

" Amazing In How Accurate It Is"

"Thank you!!!"

"This report is pretty amazing in how accurate it is. I found it very helpful in so many ways: it helped me to reinforce my positive qualities, it also highlighted the areas that need improvement- if I want to become fully free and fully alive. I love the way it accurately reflected on the struggles that I am going through in my personal and professional lives and gave suggestions on how I can improve. It was very useful in helping me to identify the next steps that I had already intuited and served as a way to give validation to my decisions. WOW!!! I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to learn more about themselves and who wants to become better at being who they are. Every step we take to discovering who we really are brings us closer to living a full life and your report helped me tremendously in follwing what my heart has been telling me. Thank you again!!!"


"Thoughts On What I Should Be Focused On"

" there were sections where my past weeks private thoughts on what I should be focused on in my life were in there!"


Paul Corben

I can't wait to pierce the veil and see the man behind the curtain who is calling all the shots in my life, simply by reading your highly unusual but simple 100+ page, 4 Year Glimpse Numerology Report, I know I can open up a whole new vision of my life, completely from scratch, even if I'm tired of all my searching and create the life I was meant to live with no more indecision or doubt.

This is the ultimate way for me to 'know myself' and get an unfair advantage in all aspects of my living all the way through 2014!

On that basis, here's my one-time investment of $197 $97 $79!

(It doesn't matter if it's 3 A.M. - You'll get immediate access to the webform where you enter your birthdate and full name so I can prepare your report)

Simply click the button below to order.



Regular Price $197 $97 $79

(I reserve the right to end this offer at anytime without warning.)

A one-time investment of $79 for a life-changing experience is fair enough, dont you think?

However please note that this offer is only good for a limited time only, not because I intend on raising the price any time soon, but because Im not sure how long Ill be able to prepare these reports at the volume the orders will be coming in.

You might come back to this page some time in the future and find a 404 Page Not Found notice instead of this letter.

So grasp the opportunity you have to get this knowledge now, while you can.

To help you make the right decision, you should ask yourself,

Foresight is power, no doubt about it. Think back to a time in your life where if you'd have known what the outcome of a decision you made would have been, things may have been very different for you right now.

There is no conceivable reason why you be flying blind through life. If you can get a peek at the future why wouldn't you want to see it?

In fact, if you do come up with a reason why youd rather not have the power to see the future, YOUR future, then please email me because Id really love to know your reasoning.

What if you go to sign a contract and the results would be disastrous? Your report would be warning you in advance about it, averting the disaster. What if you were about to meet someone who could become your life partner? If you read your report, you'd be expecting them.

And now, you have the chance to know things like this, the Universe can give you the clues you need to make the very most of your opportunities.

I trust that when you order this report, and read it, you will use your newfound foresight responsibly.

Change your life, now.

YES , Give It To Me Now!

I Want To Change My Life Today

  • I understand I'll be ordering my Four Year Glimpse Numerology Report for just a measly one-time investment of $197, $97, $79
  • On top of that, I also understand that I will fill out a form giving my full birth name, my birth date and my nickname and that it will take from 24-48 hours for my report to be custom made for me.

Regular Price $197 $97 $79


(I reserve the right to end this offer at anytime without warning.)

To Your Success,

Keith Matthew

P.S. In case you don't get it, you simply cannot fail with this system that directly leads you in a straight line to your destined path! So start reading your customized report now instead of wasting time reading all this copy and shortchanging yourself.

P.P.S. I've made this process so simple even a child could do it. All you need to do is place your order and fill out a form with your complete birth name, birth date and the name you use right now when introducing yourself. (Sometimes you change it when you are married, use a nickname or other reason.)

P.P.P.S. Not being able to 'crack' the code to your life path is sorta like a dog trying to chase his own tail. - You go round and round and round, but eventually end up in the same place you began, loops from the dizzying whirl!

P.P.P.P.S. Not only will you know why you were born and what you're here to do, but you'll learn the hidden aspects that are currently blocking you from success and how to deal with them so they won't hinder you ever again.

P.P.P.P.P.S. Reading your customized report can have a profound and positive impact on your life.

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