Law of Attraction Secret #1

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  • 16th April 2010

Dear High Powered Achiever,

I’m writing you right now from the land of sharp-shooters and high rollers.

It’s the place where people go for a splash of flash and to live out their dreams of glamour and luxury.

Las Vegas!

I’m here for several days attending the Internet Marketing Super Conference.

The real reason I’m writing though is because one of my clients just reminded me of an important Law of Attraction secret.

You see, he’s aware that the Law of Attraction magnetized him toward me so I could help him realize his dreams.

Terry works HARD for his paychecks…

Like so many people do.

TOO Hard.

Terry knows that – which is why he ‘allowed’ the Law of Attraction … Read the rest

The Power of Creating Momentum in Your Life

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  • 15th April 2010

In general, the momentum of an object can be thought of as ‘how difficult it is to stop the object’, as determined by multiplying two factors: its mass and its velocity. Having a lower speed or having less mass (how we measure inertia) results in having less momentum.

Now, the velocity of an object at a particular instant is given by its speed and the direction of its motion at that instant. Because momentum depends on and includes the physical quantity of velocity, it too has a magnitude and a direction.

Think about it: your life has a direction. And when we talk about momentum, we’re talking about the speed at which we’re moving in EITHER direction. Some people reading … Read the rest