Discover the Success Blueprint of Your Life

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  • 16th April 2010

A long-time friend of mine called me mid-morning today, expecting to leave a message on my voicemail.

He was totally surprised to hear me answer the phone.

“Hey young man, why aren’t you at work? Are you playing hookie today?”

I laughed a hearty laugh and replied, “No, Mario. I have my own business – I have for several years now. In fact, I can work from anywhere in the world now. I can do whatever I want.”

You see, Mario and I lost touch for a couple of years so we have some catching up to do. He still remembers the days I used to do the ‘daily grind,’ commuting back and forth to work every day.

Those days … Read the rest

What You Secretly Expect Tells The Real Story

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  • 15th April 2010

I traded stock options for 4 1/2 years during the late 1990s. It wasn’t just any four years though. I traded at the very peak of the dotcom craze. That means I rode the whipsaw of a snake called the stock market right to the very top and then sharply down.

One thing that became very apparent was that I had an uncanny knack for entering a position at the worst possible time. I bought ‘calls’, I bought ‘puts’, (meaning I sometimes anticipated the market dropping, and other times I thought it was going higher). Watching myself as I traded, a pattern soon became apparent: I had an uncanny knack for entering a position at the most expensive price and … Read the rest

Success Is About ‘Taking Action’

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  • 15th April 2010

I received a funny email last week that I want to share with you – because it highlights an important success principle.

After I sent out an email out to everyone last week, a reader wrote back and said, “Who are you? Did purchase a Personal Power CD set from you?”

So I went into my database, looked up his purchase history, and wrote back, “Yes, you did. Just a couple of months ago too.” (It said February)

Well, he shot off an email back to me: “Actually, it was more like a year ago. I’m going through the program again, this time with more focus and commitment.”

It was February…of last year!

Keith, how is what you’re telling me … Read the rest

Strengthening Your Seat of Power For Greater Fulfillment

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  • 15th April 2010

Foundation is your place or seat of power. It is where you go to retreat to revitalize yourself, to recharge whenever something is going on in your life that is rattling to you. The strength of your foundation is what sustains you through that challenge that you’re going through.

My personal foundation, at least a very strong one, is my home. I go out into the world and I have experiences. I meet people and have interactions. Good things happen, bad things happen. And I say that loosely, good and bad, because really there is no good and bad. It’s how you take it in and you work with it, whatever is happening. You go throughout the day and you … Read the rest

Having Absolute Unshakeable Self-Confidence and Faith

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  • 15th April 2010

I was 19 years old and faced with a decision that would change the course of my entire life.

I’d just received a job offer to work (during college breaks) as a junior accountant at a large real estate company. If I took it, I’d make good money that summer and I’d be able to spend time with my best friend.

Problem is, I also received a job offer to work as a conference aide at my college. If I took it, I’d receive terrible pay, have to be at work by 7 am every day, and I wouldn’t see my best friend all summer.

Decisions, decisions…

What would YOU have done?

I thought it over, even compiled list of … Read the rest

Craving Freedom Beyond Steady Employment

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  • 15th April 2010

Society has set you up with steady employment, perhaps some health insurance and a handful of vacation days if you’re lucky. You go to work, put in your time, and get your pay. Go to work, put in your time, and get your pay. But is this really insurance against poverty? Absolutely not. It puts a roof over your head and that’s something to be grateful for. But it’s living and surviving. It’s certainly not insurance against poverty; it’s certainly not a permanent cure.

Something more than employment and environment is necessary. There are so many stories of men and women who’ve started out in life with everything they could possibly want, only to one day find themselves out of … Read the rest