Is Your Seat of Power Barren or Ultra-Plush?

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  • 17th April 2010

Historically, it never really mattered to me what type of bed I had. It’s there…you sleep on it. Simple as that.

But, while patterns can run their course for many years, ultimately we’re each destined to change – to have new experiences and take on new viewpoints.

That’s the beauty of life. Otherwise we’d never find our way.

After the bed was delivered, I jumped on it a couple of times. I absolutely loved it!.
Ok, now it was time to go out and buy some artwork.

I’d NEVER gone out on a mission to buy artwork for my home before. In fact, In the entire course of my life, I can probably count the number of pictures I’ve put … Read the rest

Breaking Natural Law Through the Use of Force or Control

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  • 15th April 2010

The unending desire for power and control over our own lives often puts us into a ‘catch-22’ as we try to work it out while sharing in the lives of others.

One great thing about children is their innocence. They don’t have this huge filter screening out right and wrong. If they want something or have a thing on their mind, they’re going to tell you about it.

To an extent, we appreciate the honesty and we excuse the inappropriate. they ‘don’t know any better.’ They’re children. But many of us ‘grownups’ are still trying to gain control of our own lives today. There’s a saying that goes something like this, “One man’s freedom ends where another’s begins.”

Why am … Read the rest

Practice ‘Creating Space’ to Improve Your Life

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  • 15th April 2010

Stop what you’re doing and look around at where you’re sitting this moment.

Now look in the direction of your boss’s office.

So here’s my question: why are you sitting where you are and NOT where your boss is sitting?

Ok, fine..maybe you don’t have a boss…are you an entrepreneur? Well then ask yourself the same question:

Why am I sitting where I am now and NOT where I want to be?

I get emails every day from people saying they’re unemployed or making $30k, $60k, $100k a year but they really want to be making $__________.

So, why aren’t you?

I have an idea why: because we need to practice ‘Creating Space’.

Keith, have you gone nuts? You can’t … Read the rest

The Secret Science of Motivation

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  • 15th April 2010

Mediocre people choose lives of mediocrity. It’s not that they aren’t smart enough..or lucky enough…or attractive enough.

People who live lives of excellence, on the other hand, make excellent choices (I’m not saying they don’t experience setbacks – I’m saying they approach their day differently).

Imagine with me for a moment: what if there was a way to Ignite the Success Forces within you? Would you practice it?

If we knew something about the difference between those who live in mediocrity and those who live, move and breathe in excellence, do you think that could help us to have more success in our lives?

You bet it could.

So, then: How Do We Ignite the Success Forces Within Us?

The … Read the rest

Success Is About ‘Taking Action’

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  • 15th April 2010

I received a funny email last week that I want to share with you – because it highlights an important success principle.

After I sent out an email out to everyone last week, a reader wrote back and said, “Who are you? Did purchase a Personal Power CD set from you?”

So I went into my database, looked up his purchase history, and wrote back, “Yes, you did. Just a couple of months ago too.” (It said February)

Well, he shot off an email back to me: “Actually, it was more like a year ago. I’m going through the program again, this time with more focus and commitment.”

It was February…of last year!

Keith, how is what you’re telling me … Read the rest

Strengthening Your Seat of Power For Greater Fulfillment

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  • 15th April 2010

Foundation is your place or seat of power. It is where you go to retreat to revitalize yourself, to recharge whenever something is going on in your life that is rattling to you. The strength of your foundation is what sustains you through that challenge that you’re going through.

My personal foundation, at least a very strong one, is my home. I go out into the world and I have experiences. I meet people and have interactions. Good things happen, bad things happen. And I say that loosely, good and bad, because really there is no good and bad. It’s how you take it in and you work with it, whatever is happening. You go throughout the day and you … Read the rest

Getting Started Today Is Crucial To Having Massive Success Tomorrow

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  • 15th April 2010

Millions each day (if not more) are afflicted with and effected by the habit of procrastination. How many times have we all said, “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow”?

Procrastination will kill your dreams faster than you can even have them.

Here’s the simple, straight forward reason why: You can’t succeed at something until it exists.

Or, put another way: everything that physically exists (whether it’s a painting, a city, a relationship, a career or a friendship) had to have been born first. And all physical things are born out of an action.

So when we procrastinate, we take no action and consequently – nothing is born.

Do you want financial freedom?
Then you need to take action.

Do you want … Read the rest

Are Weeds Growing in your Subconscious?

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  • 15th April 2010

‘Negative Thoughts – Weeds in the Garden of Your Mind’

Today we’re focusing on an important success principle: removing limiting beliefs from your consciousness.

One of the main reasons why you’re not succeeding faster than you are right now is because you have negative thoughts and limiting beliefs about yourself as well as the people around you.

I own a 3-family investment property in the Bronx. During the winter months, the backyard looked barren and uninviting. Not necessarily bad – just lifeless.

Having moved well into Spring now, I looked at the backyard yesterday and was amazed to see weeds everywhere. They’re as tall as 3-feet high and they’ve really taken root.

This is the backyard of my investment property … Read the rest

How You Can Be Mentally Tough Like Lance Armstrong

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  • 15th April 2010

Well, it’s Tuesday morning and it’s already a gorgeous day here in New York.

My two cats are both positioned at the window to catch birds in their imaginations (they’re mostly house cats – I let them out once in a while). The weather is supposed to be wonderful for the next few days and then the temperature is going to drop like 20 degrees!

Keith, why are you writing me about the weather? Isn’t this ezine supposed to contain an urgent message about something that is stealing my p.rofits and possibly my dreams too? It Is. A lot of success is about MOMENTUM. When you start a new business or a new project, a new relationship, whatever…you’re laying foundation. … Read the rest

The Power of Creating Momentum in Your Life

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  • 15th April 2010

In general, the momentum of an object can be thought of as ‘how difficult it is to stop the object’, as determined by multiplying two factors: its mass and its velocity. Having a lower speed or having less mass (how we measure inertia) results in having less momentum.

Now, the velocity of an object at a particular instant is given by its speed and the direction of its motion at that instant. Because momentum depends on and includes the physical quantity of velocity, it too has a magnitude and a direction.

Think about it: your life has a direction. And when we talk about momentum, we’re talking about the speed at which we’re moving in EITHER direction. Some people reading … Read the rest