At the Crossroads of Your Success

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  • 28th October 2010

Fotolia_2820373_XSHave you ever felt like you were on top of the world only to later find you were really just standing on a house of cards?  And it all came tumbling down?

Have you ever taken a chance and consequently been burned?

I bet you have. In fact, I’d say we ALL have one time or another.

Sometimes we end up with “egg on our face” and we say, “Wow, I’m sure glad I didn’t totally commit myself to that _______ – what a disaster!  (person/investment/opportunity/friendship/religion/hobby).

If I had fully committed, what a fool I would have been!  See how it turned out?

Now, there’s a difference between 1) Managing risk and 2) Hiding behind “fear of failure.”

I’m not … Read the rest

How to Overcome Resistance Without a Fight

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  • 27th October 2010

kickI was wrestling the other day with my girlfriend’s kitchen faucet. She’d asked me to remove the filter from it so she could swap it out with a newer one.

“Sure, honey.” After chowing down some delicious spighetti, I put on my “master plumber” hat and went right to it.

Three wrenches, two screwdrivers, a hammer, a lighter and one neckache later, I was STILL wrestling with the darn thing!

By now, the old filtration system had snapped off and none of my tools were even remotely budging the piece still on the faucet.

This thing just WASN’T unscrewing.

“Keith, what the heck were you doing with a lighter, anyway?”

Well, at my greatest point of despair, I realized something … Read the rest

The Secret to Living a More Fulfilling Life

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  • 21st April 2010

Golden section (ratio, divine proportion) and golden spiralI’m about to share with you ‘the Secret’. In my experience, this is the key to living a more fulfilling life.

Truth reveals itself in a multitude of ways. There are as many ways as there are people.

Truth can even attach itself to the end of a dollar bill. It doesn’t discriminate.

In only twenty-five days, I had just made what would have amounted to half of my entire annual salary back when I worked for other people.

And there were still 5 more days left in the month!

Great stuff. Follow me here, though…because I’m about to take you on a quick turn around a corner and I don’t want you to go flying out the passenger seat … Read the rest

Setting Your Success Wheels in Motion

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  • 21st April 2010

Go button“Ok, I’ll have it on your desk right away, Micheline.”

I hurried to get part of the magazine layout printed and over to my boss so she could give her ‘stamp of approval’ before the messenger came to pick up the disks and bring them to the printing plant in Vermont.

That was in 2005. Back then, my home between 10 and 6pm was a small cubicle. No windows, no door…

Just a small cubicle.

My boss didn’t have a door either but she DID have a window where sunshine flooded in each day.

Micheline didn’t want to be there either. But the rent was due on the 1st for her too, just like everyone else. We were both actually … Read the rest

Battleground for the Self: Everything Counts

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  • 21st April 2010

Successful Living Among the Walking Wounded

Even as you read this right now, there’s a battle being waged for your attention freedom.

The physical world is a place of duality:

Hot Cold
Male Female
On Off
Yes No
Up Down
Win Lose

How many times have you swung the pendulum between happy and sad?

Join me on a brief trip of self-discovery.

I became involved with a woman who lives clear across the world.

For two months I felt the joy of sharing/giving/growing.

Then I took the journey across waters to a distant land and my cup filled with experiences.

…new friendships, discovery and adventure.

Four days later, the celebration was over.

My interest appeared before me with an old/new … Read the rest

The Success Principle That Creates Champions…

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  • 21st April 2010

Dear Future Success Champion,

I have a quick message for you that is going to help you go from hoping you were more successful to BEING more successful.

So here it is:

I’ve no doubt that, along the way, you’ve ‘dropped the ball’ so to speak. Probably many times.

I know I have. In fact it happened today. I had an important meeting to be at and, because of a difficult night (won’t waste your time with the drama details), I missed the beginning part of the meeting.

Was I NOT happy about that!!!

Here’s the thing though: we are ALL going to ‘drop the ball’ numerous times along the way to reaching our goals in life…

…along the way … Read the rest

Are Your Success Wheels in Motion?

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  • 20th April 2010

Successful people guard their time like it’s the gold in Fort Knox.

Write that down on a sheet of paper. It’s important to your success.

If you’re not guarding your time and you want to be more successful, then you have work to do.

Ask anyone if they are committed to their own success and most will tell you, “Absolutely!”

However, a closer look at their choices and actions says otherwise.

That’s because commitment to your own success is going to require “doing what it takes” and require “personal change”.

Yes, I said the “c” word…”Change.”

Everyone wants to change the outcome but how can you change the outcome unless you first change the viewpoints, thought processes and decisions you … Read the rest

What Napoleon Hill and Andrew Carnegie Taught Me About Opportunity

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  • 20th April 2010

“He can’t make it Thursday to do a talk on ‘Think and Grow Rich’. We think it’s a good fit for you. Would you want to do it?”

Caught by surprise, I started to think it over while I gathered some info.

To give some perspective, Andrew Carnegie had offered Napoleon Hill the opportunity to interview America’s wealthiest people for the purpose of creating a success system, he secretly held a stopwatch in his pocket and gave young Napoleon no more than 60 seconds to decide.

Napoleon Hill came back with a resounding “yes” 32 seconds later and the rest is history.

Having had listened to Napoleon Hill’s recorded talks countless times, I knew the importance of being decisive.

I … Read the rest

Who Put Ice in My Freezer?

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  • 20th April 2010

I’ve probably purchased bags of ice five times in the past 38 years.

The first four times were for other people (birthday parties, graduation parties, and maybe a neighbor’s barbecue.) Truth is, it’s happened so few times I can’t even recall when.

To me, paying for ice was stupid. I mean, it’s frozen water! I’m going to hand over my money for frozen water?

When was the fifth time? Actually, it was only a few weeks ago. I’d been playing basketball and I felt this sudden, sharp burning sensation go up the arch of my foot.

Not good.

So on my way back home, I picked up a bag of ice to put under my foot and help it start … Read the rest

Gun Shy, Broke and Going Nowhere FAST!

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  • 20th April 2010

Remember the first time you opened your heart to that special someone?

How wonderful it felt to be loved and IN love?

‘They’ could do no wrong. To you, they were that PERFECT person you’d been looking for.

You beamed as you entered a room…and the world was your oyster.

Feels good, right? Sure it does.

Oh, and what about THIS…

Remember the day the honeymoon ended?

When you realized they were NOT so perfect? In fact they had a whole damn LOT of things wrong with them. How could you have been so blind? So naïve …so foolish?

You went your separate ways, though your mind and heart wished you could transport back to that blissful and orgasmic honeymoon.… Read the rest