Economic Bailouts: Are You Walking the High Wire Without a Safety Net?

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  • 20th April 2010

This is one of the headlines I was looking at while writing this to you early yesterday morning:

“White House considers taking ownership stakes in private banks to deal with credit crisis”

They are seeking to “deal with a serious credit crisis that has caused the biggest upheavals on Wall Street in seven decades and continues to roil global markets.”

My question for you is this: how did this credit crisis “sneak up on us” like it did?

Or didn’t it?

Was the world turning a blind eye? Have we been looking the other way while the problems worsened?

And now world governments are looking to bail out and to some extent even “buy out” the institutions that are such … Read the rest

What Napoleon Hill and Andrew Carnegie Taught Me About Opportunity

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  • 20th April 2010

“He can’t make it Thursday to do a talk on ‘Think and Grow Rich’. We think it’s a good fit for you. Would you want to do it?”

Caught by surprise, I started to think it over while I gathered some info.

To give some perspective, Andrew Carnegie had offered Napoleon Hill the opportunity to interview America’s wealthiest people for the purpose of creating a success system, he secretly held a stopwatch in his pocket and gave young Napoleon no more than 60 seconds to decide.

Napoleon Hill came back with a resounding “yes” 32 seconds later and the rest is history.

Having had listened to Napoleon Hill’s recorded talks countless times, I knew the importance of being decisive.

I … Read the rest

Mastering Wealth: Are You Fed Up Enough to Succeed?

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  • 20th April 2010

Are you fed up yet with the results you’re getting (or NOT getting) this year?

I’m asking you because if you’re NOT fed up yet, then you can probably look forward to more of the same going into next year.

Scary thought – would you agree?

So the question really is this: when have you had enough of doing it ‘the backwards way’ and not making the money you want to be making?

Because until you can finally say with conviction, “I’ve had enough” and really mean it, I can’t help you.

I’d love to, but I just can’t. Not until you’re ready to commit to your own success.

On the other hand, when you sincerely start feeling fed up … Read the rest

The Secret Science of Purposeful Living

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  • 20th April 2010

“One of the best personal growth items I have purchased over the internet” – Dr. Mike in NY

The Secret Power of ‘Creating Your Life’

I drove into town this morning to get myself a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast. Waiting for the light, I noticed all these people in such a great hurry.

“What’s all the commotion about?” I thought to myself.

And then it suddenly hit me…

They were all rushing to catch the train to WORK!

If you race to catch the train or drive into work every morning, then you probably think I AM the strange one!!!

But you see, I left the crazy “grind-it-out” way of living several years ago … Read the rest

Who Put Ice in My Freezer?

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  • 20th April 2010

I’ve probably purchased bags of ice five times in the past 38 years.

The first four times were for other people (birthday parties, graduation parties, and maybe a neighbor’s barbecue.) Truth is, it’s happened so few times I can’t even recall when.

To me, paying for ice was stupid. I mean, it’s frozen water! I’m going to hand over my money for frozen water?

When was the fifth time? Actually, it was only a few weeks ago. I’d been playing basketball and I felt this sudden, sharp burning sensation go up the arch of my foot.

Not good.

So on my way back home, I picked up a bag of ice to put under my foot and help it start … Read the rest

Gun Shy, Broke and Going Nowhere FAST!

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  • 20th April 2010

Remember the first time you opened your heart to that special someone?

How wonderful it felt to be loved and IN love?

‘They’ could do no wrong. To you, they were that PERFECT person you’d been looking for.

You beamed as you entered a room…and the world was your oyster.

Feels good, right? Sure it does.

Oh, and what about THIS…

Remember the day the honeymoon ended?

When you realized they were NOT so perfect? In fact they had a whole damn LOT of things wrong with them. How could you have been so blind? So naïve …so foolish?

You went your separate ways, though your mind and heart wished you could transport back to that blissful and orgasmic honeymoon.… Read the rest

Climbing the Mountain of Self-Worth

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  • 20th April 2010

My Success-minded Friend,

Have you lived long enough?
Have you worked hard enough?
Have you struggled, scratched and clawed?

The cumbersome climb up your mountain of success is purposefully a slow, particular one.

And for what purpose exactly?

Why, to PROVE that you can pass all the rigorous tests of course!

To prove that you are ‘worthy’ of entering that elite circle of the wealthy and successful.

No, wait. Let me correct myself here as you read this.

These s-l-o-w, arduous steps are designed to prove that you are ‘worthy’ of claiming the success they afford you. It’s not a blueprint for entering the elite circle of the wealthy and successful. No, no, no. The elite hold close to them … Read the rest

The Great Mystery Woven Within Your Success

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  • 18th April 2010

When I was 19, I had a spiritual experience that showed me I was not alone.

The illusory veil had been pierced and pulled back. Behind it…stood ME.

It was a ME I had known so very long ago.

It was thrilling to feel alive again.

But with the taste of greater freedom comes greater responsibility too.

You see, until age 19, I saw the world in color. Or so I thought. Then I woke up one day to a world of gray.

This was depressing…until I looked inside and again saw colors. Only now they were vibrant and pulsating and alive.

My challenge then was to see the world around me as enchanting – like the world inside. Sometimes … Read the rest

Why Success Forces Converge Upon You (Or Don’t)

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  • 18th April 2010

I DIDN’T KNOW IT back then but I was very blessed to get the sales training I did when I was only 21 years old.

Sometimes I’d hear other “sales people” saying, “oh, it’s just a numbers game.”

Intuitively I knew that was only partly true – but I kept quiet and went about my business.

Before long, I became the owner’s right hand person…his protege.

We also became good friends.

I had to move on though – I was young and I had many more experiences I needed to have. In retrospect I now see that I was in training to one day become an entrepreneur and have my own thriving business.

I can’t say I was the quickest … Read the rest

Is Your Seat of Power Barren or Ultra-Plush?

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  • 17th April 2010

Historically, it never really mattered to me what type of bed I had. It’s there…you sleep on it. Simple as that.

But, while patterns can run their course for many years, ultimately we’re each destined to change – to have new experiences and take on new viewpoints.

That’s the beauty of life. Otherwise we’d never find our way.

After the bed was delivered, I jumped on it a couple of times. I absolutely loved it!.
Ok, now it was time to go out and buy some artwork.

I’d NEVER gone out on a mission to buy artwork for my home before. In fact, In the entire course of my life, I can probably count the number of pictures I’ve put … Read the rest